Saturday, April 11, 2015

Two Poems

"Part of the loving"

 After everyone is tucked into bed,
my prayers whispered into the dark above their cribs,
I patrol the house,
parking toy trucks in the toybox, 
returning books to the shelves,
lining up blankets on the couch.
I fold a load of laundry, 
matching up endless tiny socks.
And I realize,
it is as much part of the loving
as the hugs and kisses.


 Oh my gosh!
The stars are so bright tonight
and just perfectly arranged -
there, a big bright one
here, a trio of tiny ones
sprinkled out onto the night sky like chaos.

It gives me hope, this lovely disorder,
because so often
I feel like my life is as random as these stars,
bursting in a thousand unfinished directions,
lacking focus, scattered.
But these stars?
They are beautiful.

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