Friday, December 18, 2009

A Day In My Life - Friday

So I actually DID finish cleaning my room after I got off the computer last night... I pulled out ALL the furniture, dusted EVERYTHING, vacuumed the floor and molding, cleaned my beautiful bamboo rug, etc.

And then... as I was putting the furniture back... I was just struck with the need for change, so on the spur of the moment I rearranged everything, and I'm quite pleased with the result! The old arrangement was very cute and much more mature, but it created these "dead zones" where there was a lot of wasted space. I don't subscribe to Feng Shui as a religion/life practive, but I remember picking up a decorating book a few years ago and reading about the concept of "energy flow" and how you should seek to arrange your furniture so that the energy didn't "puddle" (i.e. it should flow evenly throughout the room). Well, I pretty much thought this was garbage - and rightly so :) - but if we substitute the word "pathways" then this concept is right on... the old arrangement made it hard to walk around some areas, and those areas went unused. This new arrangement really opens up the room. Granted, it feels much less formal and more kicked back and mod, but on the other hand, that's sort of my attitude, so it's all good. I want to post a "virtual tour" of my room later on, so keep an eye out for it!

Nothing really on the agenda for today... I have to run out to drop off some gifts in a bit, and I have a very few cleaning/organizing tasks left, but mostly I think I will spend it keeping warm (lots of snow supposed to fall later on!). There are presents to wrap, hot cocoa to make, holiday movies to watch (I still haven't pulled out any of the animated or stop-motion classics, save The Grinch), the kids to play with, etc. I also have a few creative projects up my sleeve - stay tuned! :)

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