Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Week In My Life - Tuesday

Compared to yesterday, I barely did anything today. :) I did get to sleep in, which was incredible considering my sleep-deprived-ness of the past few days.

Mostly I spent the day doing low key day off sort of tasks, like 'uploading' lots of stuff into my new storage bins, making labels for aforementioned bins, pinning two dresses I'm altering for my sister, starting a crochet project (a curly skinny scarf - I'll post the pattern later), and updating my blogs. I also did a little online window shopping (see the previous post).

The family has gone Christmas shopping tonight - I can't go, have to work - and the house is eerily quiet. Tomorrow it's work at 4 AM, then who knows what sort of adventures I'll get into? :)

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