Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Week In My Life - Wednesday

Today was another frenetic day of accomplishments. Up at 3 AM to be at work by 4 AM, but I got off at 10 AM so not a bad shift. The area manager was touring the area with a "bigwig" from corporate headquarters, so everyone was a little edgy, then we got the call that our external service auditors were also spotted in the area, and the stress level just exploded. Luckily I was about to get off anyway. :)

Came home and considered taking a shower and napping, like I did on Monday, but 1) I was nervous about pushing my luck on the whole non-groggy-napping issue twice in week, and 2) my siblings were getting ready to go help my grandfather cater dinner for his church, and I felt guilty about not going but definitely not awake or alert enough to go. Bleh.

Instead, I worked some on the ever-continuing quest to clean and organize my room to spotless perfection :), and got some tasks out of the way, like finally packing up baby clothes to go to my best friend Rebekah in Alabama.

Oh, cool story, this. I found out that Reb was expecting a boy (and was basically going to need everything, since this is her first), and the next day I went to work and a coworker asked me out of the blue, "Could you find any use for three big bags of baby boy clothes?"
I was so stunned, I asked him, "Why me? I'm not married, I'm not pregnant..." and he shrugged and said, "You just seemed like the person who would know someone who was expecting."
No kidding. Anyway, I sorted them and they've been sitting in a laundry basket in my room for a few weeks, waiting to be packed up and shipped. Well, I got the packing out of the way (three of the ugliest, lumpiest looking packages, lol) and it turns out Reb's bro is coming up to Maryland for New Year's, so I don't even have to pay shipping. I'm telling you, I live on an incredible plane where my needs and wants are met before I myself am aware of them.

Anyway... packed up clothes, put more stuff into storage bins, and then I sorted out my hair products/tools bin and my cosmetics bag, and noticed I was running low on some "neccessities" (also I had a shopping list of little things that I never think about unless I write them down) so I headed into town, ran through Target, couldn't find half the things I needed, and went to Wal-Mart, where I also couldn't find many of the things I needed, but got distracted by the Christmas card aisle. :)

I picked up some green tea from Tearrific Cafe (if you are in my local area or are ever passing through, you must MUST MUST stop in at Tearrific and eat dim sum and drink jasmine green tea with kiwi. You must) and took it to Maggie and Anna, who both share my obsession with this incredible drink. I stayed awhile to rest and chat with my Uncle Chris, who was helping with the cooking, but I was nodding off despite my green tea kick, so I drove home pretty soon so I wouldn't fall asleep while driving.

At home, I sat and chatted with my mom for awhile and got caught up in all the drama of life :), then headed upstairs to read a few blogs and post here. Now I'm off for a hot bath with bubbles and the latest issue of my fav educational magazine, then to bed, where I get to sleep til 5 AM. Life is so awesome. :)

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