Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Day In My Life - Thursday

So my cellphone alarm went off this morning at 3 AM. And I'm not a morning person AT ALL, much less when I have been woken unexpectedly in the middle of the night. My thought process went something like this:

"My alarm is going off... Should I get up? I thought I got to sleep in today... maybe I dreamed it. No, wait, I switched shifts with Andrew and don't have to be there til 6... right? Right, cuz if I were working my own shift I'd have off today. Right. Right."

So I shut if off and snuggled back under the covers, only to discover that the hard work of figuring out when I had to get up had woken me up. It took me enough to time to get back to sleep that when my alarm clock went off for real at 5, I promptly hit snooze and rolled over to go back to sleep.

When I did get up, the first thing I noticed was how truly cold it is... I am almost ashamed to even mention the cold since some people have it much, much worse, like
Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk, but compared to what we've been experiencing, it was really cold. So cold I could feel it through the walls, even though the room was fairly warm. An odd feeling, but true. Despite the weather, I bundled up and went to work. :) The local radio station announced that it was 29 degrees but felt ten degrees colder because of wind chill.

In keeping with the theme of this week (read: CLEAN!) I stopped at the little self-serve car wash place on the way home to clean out my car and get it vacuumed. I was only there for maybe fifteen minutes at the most - five minutes to clean it out, five minutes to vacuum (it's only a teensy truck with an eensy cab), and five minutes to put everything back in - but my hands ached from the cold. It looks nice, though!

Maggie and I had made plans for this weekend, but guess what? The forecast is calling for snow and lots of it, and our destination was an hour away by the scary highway, so we decided to rethink and go out tonight instead. It feels like Friday to me since I'm already in "weekend mode" but the crowds were noticeably thinner (no long waits, crowded places, etc). We started out at
Tearrific for some Teriyaki Chicken for Maggie and some Sweet and Sour Chicken (hold the sauce, please!) for me. I also tried Hot and Sour Soup for the first time today and I loved it (even though Maggie, who is usually the adventurous foodie, thought it was disgusting. Go figure). We noticed when we were coming in that Fashion Bug had sale signs up all over the plaza, so we ducked inside to see what we could find. The verdict? Lots of good stuff, but no really exceptional prices. I passed on everything I tried on, prefering to wait for a better sale, but Maggie picked up an adorable sweater for under $15. I also had a return to make at Best Buy, so I ran in to take care of that while Maggie went next door to Ross. We ended up spending a few hours in Ross, trying on clothes, wandering the art aisle (oh Ross art, how I long to fill my space with your funky forms!), checking out the Christmas section, etc, etc, etc. We also picked up a few great deals on gifts (but I'd better not post them up here! :) ).

Home again now... I should really go vacuum and dust my room, since that's the 'task' I was originally going to tackle today if we hadn't gone out... on the other hand, I have tomorrow off, I might just do it then and curl up with Stargate and a cozy blanket tonight. :)

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