Monday, December 28, 2009

Fun Day!

I've enjoyed striking up a friendship with Tracey of Lovin' Life... We've gotten together a few times to cook and bake, and we made date today so we could sew matching aprons for her and Brianna. Tracey is always fun to be around and I knew we'd have a blast!

Our visit started out with a terrific surprise - Tracey came bearing (lots of) gifts! I still don't know how she managed to find gifts for everyone that fit so well since we haven't known each other for very long! My gift was a beautiful cedarwood/rosemary scented oil reed diffuser wrapped in black and white tissue! What a great gift!

After we had fun wrapping and admiring our presents (and eating some tasty food), we began our project.

This is the pattern we wanted to use... The idea was that I would teach Tracey how to sew, but I'm the one who believes that a pattern is made to be altered, so I don't know how much I was able to teach. Tracey had bought some curtains at a thrift store nearby that were strangely covered in little plastic loops, so our first order of business was to undo the seams and remove all the little loops.

Anna gives us a hand.

The sewing machine decided to have issues when we first started, but Mum soon had it put to rights!

We had two major issues with the pattern: one, we had nowhere near enough ribbon to make two aprons (one for Tracey and one for Bri), and we had no D-rings (the pattern called for four). We solved this problem by electing to use the ruffled edge of the curtain for the bottom of the apron, instead of edging it with ribbon, and we used the loops that we took off the curtain for rings. Perfect!

The pattern went together pretty easily... we never had to take out a seam we sewed (though we did lots of ripping on the original seams!).

Here's the finished product (as modeled by Tracey)! I love the slight 50's flair the ruffle adds! Isn't she cute?

Tracey and I take a moment to admire our hard work. You'll notice the windows were light when we started and dark when we finished!

Mission accomplished!

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Miss Tracey said...

That is a really neat blog. I feel like a movie star like somehow it's my five minutes of My brother is visiting so not sure if I will have time to do mine tonight. I SOOOOO enjoyed my day with you.