Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Little Virtual Window-Shopping Break

So I'm feeling a bit bummed right now because my family intends to take a late-night shopping trip up to the mall, which I lovelovelove doing, but I can't go because I have to be at work by 4 AM and I'd be a zombie (again) if I stayed out late. I'm sorta tempted to go anyway and just caffeinate myself in the morning, since I'm only working for six hours, but I'm a little afraid of what the consequences would be. Pooh. Being a responsible adult is no fun. :(

Instead, I've been indulging in a little virtual window-shopping... you know, the "What would I buy if I had $100?"-type scenario. It all started with a giveaway on one of my fav blogs,
Between Laundry Days; Clare is giving away a $20 gift certificate to Maurices (a store that I'd never heard of before! Imagine that!) and in order to enter, I had to post a comment saying what I'd buy with $20, so I hit up the website and found this beauty.

Seriously, is this not the most gorgeous thing you've seen in awhile?!? And only $10! I have a golden key necklace that I think I got at Forever 21 that would go so well with this piece!

Anyway, I began thinking about how I almost never buy jewelery online even though there are some great deals and styles out there. I'm not sure why. So I decided to check out some of the retailers I like to check out when I'm at the mall (roughly, I don't know, twice a year?) and see if I could find anything I loved (be forewarned: I am obsessed with stars. It shows).

Isn't this star charm bracelet from Torrid cute ($12)? Again, I have a star necklace that would match perfectly.

Speaking of that golden key necklace... I love it, but I love silver even more, and this would make a nice silver version! (Again, Torrid, $14)

Alright, moving on from Torrids...

One of the places that always has neat and interesting (my sister would say "weird") jewelery is Forever 21. Like this bird - dare I say flamingo? - pin, below. Too much fun!

Another thing I love about Forever 21 is all their owl jewelery. Yes, you heard me right - owls. I love owls. I don't know why. But they've certainly got enough owls to make the whole world wise up! (All necklaces above $5 and under) I actually saw the most adorable HUGE owl pendant there last year but through some huge stupid foresight I actually walked away without it and regretted it - right up until I thrifted the same pendant a year later for $1! Guess God knew how much I wanted it.
I was looking at another retailer's version of this necklace a few days ago... it looks a little odd in one dimension but is actually quite beautiful (Forever 21, $15.80). There is also a gold version.

I don't know why the anchor motif I saw everywhere on my last trip to Forever 21 appeals to me so much... maybe because my dad was in the Navy while I was growing up?

I'm not obsessed or anything... but how about this cute lil guy from Target? ($9.99)

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