Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thoughts for Tuesday

A friend and I were talking yesterday about losing weight and how even small amounts make a big difference (at least to us!). I shared some equivalents that had surprised me, and they surprised her, too!

For instance:
  • 1 pound = 4 sticks of butter
  • 5 pounds = 1 sack of potatoes
  • 10 pounds = (this one REALLY blows my mind!) 8 medium cantaloupes
  • 25 pounds = 3 gallons of milk

Whenever I start to feel a little down, I remind myself that I've lost roughly 56 sticks of butter, 3 sacks of potatoes, or 12 cantaloupes. :)

Anyway... moving along... :)

I went shopping yesterday - hooray! So much easier to eat well when you have groceries. :) I picked up some of my favs, but also found some new stuff.

This is my old fav... Love my Just For One packs. The cauliflower is obviously usually my first choice since it's 0 points, but I love the broccoli ones too. Last week I tried a WW suggestion and dumped one of these packs over a baked potato and a tablespoon of bacon bits. Love it!

The produce aisle is always my first stop... Today I found inexpensive kiwis and a pricey but totally worth it starfruit.

I got these light store-brand yogurts but I think I'll probably go back to Dannon brand and save the point rather than the cents. :)

My BFF turned me back on to Progresso light soup. Love it, and soup makes a great meal - super filling. They weren't on sale, tho, so I only got three cans. I'm really looking forward to the chicken and dumplings flavor.

I'm normally a Lean Cuisine gal, but these Healthy Choice meals were on sale and after pulling out my slider I realized that they actually have less points and more food than the LC OR Smart Choice (WW branded) items. So I got a few. Haven't tried them yet but they look super yummy!

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