Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What I Ate (Day 2)

Today was a little crazy, lol. Tuesdays are always higher-point days for me just because I'm running around so much, but today was especially nuts because I had to find a chance to go vote, too! Anyway... Yesterday I went grocery shopping (thank God! Because I was so low on my "staples") and I picked up some veggie burger sausage patties. I was thinking, low-point protein! And I think I'm going to try the original flavored ones, but I'm not so impressed with the maple flavored ones. Not terrible, and I'm going to eat them, but definitely fake meat. They need some liquid smoke or something.

I read this recipe over the weekend that I was excited to try this morning: 2 low-fat waffles with a beaten egg poured over them, toasted til the egg cooked, with a sprinkle of fat free cheese, and stuck together like a sandwich. I tried and tried to make it work... and I never got it right! I couldn't get the eggs to cook without burning the waffles, the egg was gross, the waffles were soggy in the middle... in short, a mess. I think I'll move on to waffles with reduced-fat peanut butter and banana, but this morning I ended up resorting to another mug scramble.

An egg, a veggie sausage patty, and a little fat free cheese. Yummy! 5 points.

I paired it up with this yogurt... most low-cal yogurts taste really strongly of Splenda to me, which I despise, but this was yummy! 2 points.
In retrospect, not a terrific breakfast. I wish the recipe had worked out so I could have had some whole grain carbs... I don't do well without carbs in the morning. :( It didn't sink me but I definitely missed them all day.

The snack I took to class... ten Snyders of Hanover mini pretzels (1 point) with a Laughing Cow cheddar cheese round (2 points) and one of my mini-pears (1). I ate the pretzels and cheese in class, then ate the pear while I was driving to vote.
For lunch I was completely burnt out... class was kind of emotionally stressful - it was a good class, I got my journal back and then got to meet with the professor one one one, and he had some amazing comments for me about how far I've come, etc - but it was just exhausting. I should have stopped in at my house and grabbed a Lean Cuisine for dinner, but I ended up stopping at Wawa's instead. I did do pretty well, however, and ended up with a 4" turkey sub with no mayo and a side of stuffing. 10 points - but, I have to say, it was pretty delicious!

I made dinner tonight - supposedly to "unwind" after my stressful day but it ended up being a little crazy, lol. Veggie and chicken curry - sweet potato, regular potato, squash, peas, and carrots in a light curry sauce over rice. 9.5 points.
I went over points today by 1 and a half, but I'm really not stressing over it... I never use all my "weekly" points so it can come out of that, plus I'm impressed that I managed to eat so well all things considered. :) Tomorrow is another day!

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