Friday, November 5, 2010

Blurring The Line Between "Night" And "Day"

For my entire life, I have been a night owl. I'm definitely not a morning person (though I have LEARNED to enjoy the early morning hours of late) and I have always loved nothing better than a long night without any early-morning obligations the next day. Of course, being with Abby this last year means that most of the time I'm up before 6 AM, which still isn't bad in my book (my last job sometimes made me get up at 2:30 AM - and that was with a 20-minute drive and a morning routine that consisted of rolling out of bed, throwing on a uniform, brushing my teeth, and covering my hair with a hat) but it's definitely changed my night-owl tendencies. Most of the time I'm in bed by 8:30 or 9 PM. When I had a week's vacation this last July, it took me almost four days to be able to stay up with Robin past 10 PM (this is definitely a side of me she'd never seen before, lol).

I'm okay with this - it makes life easier, lol - but this week Maggie and I decided to go a little crazy and go to the midnight showing of Megamind. Both of us are huge children's movie fans and the previews for it looked great, so we bought tickets. We figured that instead of going out that night for dinner and shopping (our usual date), we'd snack around dinnertime, take a nap, and then go for a very late dinner and the movie.

Yesterday ended up being a crazy day - our faithful old doggie, Oliver, woke up very sick, so Maggie called the vet who got him an emergency appointment, and Abby and I ran there to meet Maggie after gymnastics. The vet was great and quickly located the problem - the new flea/tick meds we'd put him on after our last supply of Frontline was used up. Turns out we accidentally poisoned him. :( Poor baby! She prescribed him some meds and a very thorough bath and so getting him cleaned up and feeling better ate away most of the morning and early afternoon. Abby loved it - she got to run around with her cousins and saw the fish tank at the vet's office! But she was very concerned about Oliver... kept asking, "Doggie sick?" and I had to reassure her that doggie was feeling sick, but that he had some medicine to feel better. At one point a man with a Yorkie dog walked by, and she immediately started comparing them. "Little dog... BIIIIG dog!"

I did get a nap in the evening, but Maggie was only able to rest for awhile before we headed out. We went to Applebees for dinner and enjoyed people-watching the late-night crowd (it was about 10 PM by the time we got to the restaurant). We swung into Wal-Mart for a quick errand run, then went on to the theater.

In short - we loved it!!! It's definitely not an original storyline - afterwards we kept trying to describe it to our family by saying "It's mostly like Meet The Robinsons... Well, with a little bit of Despicable Me thrown in there..." But that doesn't really wreck it because it still feels fun. :)

Anyways... After our busy Thursday, I took advantage of Friday to just chill. :) I spent the morning crocheting another baby cap, this time in pink, cream, and sage, for a friend of a friend. :) I have one more to go with this yarn, then I'm gonna try some different yarn to see if I can play with the stretchiness a bit.

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