Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Happened To My Wednesday?!

Today has been a crazy day that just seems doomed to crash and burn, lol. Didn't get a good sleep last night due to 1) my airbed being out of commission and 2) the crazy windstorm we had last night... I woke up and honestly thought we were all going to get swept off to Oz, it was howling so badly. Woke up super achey (luckily, from my workout yesterday and not from the bed) wih dirty hair (thought I could make it work). After I took Abby to school, I tried to return the $100 airbed that my dad bought me last week (that didn't work) only to discover that Wal-Mart has an unposted and enforced rule that says they won't accept airbeds on return. !!! Went to Starbucks to get a skinny latte that cost almost $4 and was HORRIBLE.

So, basically... yeah. Just one of those days. At least I am still maintaining a sense of humor, albeit an extremely dry, British sort. :)

I indulged in a little online shopping this week for Christmas! I've always been the person who likes shopping in brick and mortar stores, bringing things home, smuggling them into the house, hiding them in my room, etc. But this year the idea of comparing prices online, pressing a button, and having them delivered to the house sounds GREAT! I've actually done most of my "shopping" and now I'm just spreading out the actual buying over a few paychecks. :) It's killing me to not be able to share my finds with you guys, but it seems like EVERYONE reads my blog these days. :)

But I can definitely share MY wishlist for Christmas... Yeah, can you tell I'm totally doing retail therapy today? :)

  • A subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine. I love this magazine! It's part of what inspired me to start WW. I've been picking it up on the newsstands but it would be awesome not to have to hunt it down every month.
  • A 1 liter Camelbak water bottle - This would make the PERFECT workout/walk water bottle... I drink a lot and most water bottles are too small, so a big huge one would be great. Plus it has a place for a carabine (read: I don't have to carry it!) and a built-in straw (LOVE it!). The only sad thing is that the 1 liter size doesn't come in orange. How lame is that?!?
  • I'm way behind my Sanctuary watching, and the price of season one and two has suddenly made it high on my list. :)
  • I just discovered the TimeRiders series by Alex Scarrow and LOVE IT! I'm stoked about reading the second book in the series!

What's on your Christmas wish lift or gift list this year?

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Anonymous said...

Really glad you enjoyed TimeRiders. If you're interested there's the website ( where there's all sorts of teasers and trailers and images on book 2 and the rest of the series!

Great blog btw!


Alex Scarrow