Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Long Weekends, A Wedding, And Sandy

It's been a crazy, crazy weekend. And by weekend, I mean it's Tuesday (I actually had to check what day it was, lol) and I have yet to go back to work. Sandy rolled in Sunday night - Monday night? - ok, I'm not actually sure when she got here, since I was pretty much sick for the whole thing and only knew that the weather was bad all the time. We weathered it fine, didn't lose electricity even once (yay!) and only lost one (big) tree limb on our driveway, and none on the actual road. This is a record for us.

Before the weather got bad, however, there was my friend Becka's wedding. :) (All pictures taken by my mom)

 The beautiful bride!

Me! In my orange dress, with a groomsman who kept trying to run me into the tent pole. :) Sadly, I think I looked as fried as I felt by that point LOL.
It was great getting to see all my friends who are living far away now...

My friend Drew (and brother Allen) who used to be a nerdy kid and is now a high-powered attorney. Okay, so not quite yet :) but I'm pretty sure he'll be there soon!

My friend Zachary (and my dad).

My friend Matthew and his wife (and my friend :)) Jessica. (Aren't they adorable?)

My friend John Patrick and his equally adorable girlfriend, Emily. :)
The wedding turned out beautifully, and bride and groom are off on their honeymoon far away from Sandy. :)
I have to admit, even though I felt terrible for those who lost electricity and suffered other inconveniences, after such a crazy weekend it was kind of a relief to have a few days of downtime. I spent the majority of the time drugged with Nyquil, sleeping it off, and generally recovering from a massive allergy attack (this is why I will never, ever get married outdoors on a grassy field lol!). When I was awake, I got in on some games of Hearts and my family's newest gaming obsession, Bananagrams. I've only been wanting it for years, but my family never thought it looked interesting before... turns out, I'm very good at it! :) Now I'm seriously lusting after Pairsinpears and Appletters.
I felt so much better today and got one Christmas present almost finished, started another one, and organized some of my other gift ideas on my pinterest boards.
I also took Allen with me to go get more chicken feed and fresh bedding (since the hurricane made everything a bit soggy), and he helped me "muck out" their pen and coop (since it had 4-6" of standing water). Despite the atrocious storm, my chickens didn't miss an egg and laid normally over the last few days. Good hens! :) Allen was really impressed with them today as he was helping me work around them - we kept the pen door open since we were going in and out with wheelbarrowfuls of soiled hay, and they never even once tried to escape. Plus, they were completely unfazed by our presence... in fact we were kind of tripping over them at one point, and had to keep shooing them away cuz they wanted to know what were doing.
I was just pleased to see that 1) my coop didn't fly away in the wind, 2) it kept my ladies snug and dry, and 3) my hens came through unscathed. That was pretty much all I was worried about during the storm - that a tree didn't fall on my coop or my truck. :)
I'm so looking foward to going back to work tomorrow and seeing my girlie! She has a class party at school, which means I get to go, too! :) And then tomorrow night we're gonna have a special "Not Halloween!" dinner with Banjo Man - pulled beef BBQ sammies, coleslaw, and maybe a special dessert. :)
I hope you all came through the storm okay! What sort of things do you like to do when you're stuck indoors?

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