Monday, October 22, 2012


Today was amazing. :)

I woke up feeling rested - which is great, because frankly my energy hasn't been all that amazing in the mornings lately (I blame the delayed sunrise).

I had an amazing breakfast (sourdough french toast with blueberry syrup that I totally stole from my buddy) with an amazing friend.

Said amazing friend also contributed some absolutely amazing shower/bachelorette party ideas for my BFF's wedding. In fact, I was most productive today in that department: I think I have the venue picked out for sure for the bachelorette party, and I started a new pinboard on Pinterest for shower/bachelorette party and already have it full of favors, decorating ideas, games, etc. We're on a roll!

And tonight, since dinner was more or less DIY, I learned to make Pasta Carbonara tonight. I've been looking at carbonara recipes now for awhile wondering what all the fuss is about, and now I know. Amazing. (I had to substitute goat cheese for parmesan, but oh well).

I hope you're having an amazing day, too! Hopefully the rest of the week will continue on like this. :)

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