Monday, April 15, 2013

My Weekend In Pictures

It was a long full weekend - but good! :)
On Saturday, I finished The Book Thief.
Despite my bleary looks (I am sooo not a morning person!), I am blown away by this book. It's amazing. I highly, highly recommend it - you can get a copy for under $2 on Amazon.
On Saturday, Maggie and I went to Leonardtown Square to support an Autism Awareness Day fundraiser put on by her occupational therapist. After saying hi to everyone, we walked down the square and had lunch outdoors on the sidewalk of El Cerro Grande. The weather was perfect and we lingered for a long time, people-watching and drinking way too many glasses of iced tea.
After lunch, we walked across the square to get lattes at the little coffeeshop there, then walked to the used bookstore where I found a copy of Pippi Goes On Board. Abby loves the Pippi books and I knew this would be a great addition to her growing library!
My seedlings are growing like... I was gonna say weeds, but that feels wrong, somehow. :) I repotted everything again this week, moving my first round of spaghetti squash plants to their final (big) containers and giving everything else a larger space to grow. Cannot WAIT to be feasting on squash this fall! Oh, and cucumbers, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, and green peppers, too. :)
For Christmas this year I bought Maggie and I tickets to go see Les Miserables at the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center. So on Sunday, we braved Baltimore traffic to make our way into the city.
Well... we both decided we hate Baltimore. The traffic is horrible, people are not friendly, and the city has none of the charm of D.C. However, the Hippodrome was nice! 

We walked around a little bit, trying to find a place to eat dinner (which ended up being Panera Bread, go figure), then got some espresso while we waited for the doors to open. 
We enjoyed some people-watching (we'd make up stories about the different people/couples walking past us on the sidewalk)
The musical itself was amazing - I was enthralled! If you get a chance to go see Les Miserables live, I totally suggest you go do it (although the recent movie version is not too shabby, either). It's just beyond words.
It took us two hours to make it home, and another before I stopped humming showtunes in my sleep, so it was a late, late night for me, especially for a "school night." Which explains why "breakfast" this morning consisted of a nice chilled can of blueberry Red Bull, and why after I dropped Abigail off at school, I went home to take a nap. :)
How was your weekend?

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