Monday, April 8, 2013


So, I'm home again after being in Alabama for a week. My seedlings are now officially plants; my chickens laid two dozen (two dozen!!!) eggs and broke their waterer (add it to the weekend to-do list), and every inch of my body aches from sleeping in strange beds all week.

It was so worth it.
I am done. in.
I want to be alone, I want to crawl into bed and sleep for hours, I want to have a good cry.
 I want to take a long run where the effort of moving and the volume of my music makes thinking impossible.

It was such a full week. And over the next few weeks, I can tell I'll be doing a lot of processing, a lot of remembering, a lot of feeling sorry for myself (I have, after all, been booted out of the "best friend" role in my BFF's life - and rightly so!!!), a lot of feeling happy for her.

In the meantime, and in the nicest possible way, I just kind of want to be left alone.

My favorite moments from this week:

- "It's orange! I'M getting married!" Chrisy (another bridesmaid) and I took Khy out for a playdate one morning and bought him a little gun toy with a green ball. Later on, when we met up with Rebekah, he lost the ball in the grass and we all walked around looking for it. I ended up finding it right in front of Rebekah, and teased her about overlooking it; she defended herself by trying to explain that she thought it was orange, but instead made it sound like she was insisting the ball WAS orange. For the rest of the week, the phrase became our code-word for "Just give her whatever she wants, whether it seems reasonable or not." :)

- My BFF's face when she saw the cabin for the bachelorette party. It was perfect - stone floors, stone and log walls, beautiful stone fireplace, screened porch, windows that opened out onto the magificent view of the Tennessee valley.

- Sitting on the stone floor of said cabin, beside the warm fire, soaking in a quiet moment.

- The next morning, as I went to check out of the cabin, I drove up to the trailer office and parked in the parking spot closest to the trailer. Went inside, handed back the keys and signed us out, then walked outside to the car closest to the trailer, opened the door, sat down, and glanced in the passenger seat - where, instead of Maureen, a very concerned and surprised looking terrier-type dog stared back at me. I immediately jumped out, slammed the door, and realized that while I had been inside, someone had illegally parked next to my car. All I can say, is that I hadn't had my coffee yet...

- "I sympathate with you." Maggie very sincerely said this to Rebekah, and then immediately continued, "Wait, no, I sympathicate... I symbolize... ???" "You sympathize." "Yes!" :)

- Watching Crisy climb around the McD's playplace with Khy. In a denim pencil skirt. Can you say #blackmailmaterial? lol.

- "Sa'ah! Save me from the sharkies!" I got to hang out with Khy for a bit on Monday morning, and as I was making myself a cup of coffee in the kitchen, I heard him shriek this in the living room. I ran in to find him perched on the back of the couch and gave him a piggy-back ride back to the "safety" of the kitchen, where I was rewarded with his big grin and a "Thanks, Sa'ah... you saved me from the sharks, they were gonna get me!"

- "My girls are back!" Khy's ecstatic exclamation when we returned from the bachelorette party. It came with a hug.

- Doing two of the bridesmaids hair - and having it turn out nicely!

The two bridesmaids whose hair I styled are the ones with their backs to the camera :)

- The moment my BFF put on her veil. I got teary. :)

- At the rehearsal, Khy getting fed up and stomping back down the aisle because the flower girl wouldn't hold his hand :)

- The look on Joe's face when we saw her coming down the aisle. Priceless.

- The sound of joy in my BFF's voice as she made her marriage vows. I couldn't see her face, but I could hear the happiness. :)

- The song "Ho Hey," specifically this version, which we seemed to hear everywhere we went. It sort of became the week's theme song, and sure enough, as we all waited to make our walk down the aisle, we began softly singing it together, in harmony, out in the hall. :)

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