Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Randomizer

- It's been consistently warm for a few weeks now. So I spent a little time this weekend pulling out all my summer clothes and packing away my winter clothes. Then I woke up this morning and it was cold again. Oh, well. I'm sure not undoing that task, so I guess I'll just grin and bear it (and wear the one sweatshirt I left out into the ground).

- Got so much done on my trailer this weekend! Allen wandered in while Lizzie and I were working and ended up helping (okay, okay, mostly doing himself while I sat next to him humming endless refrains of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and using the top of the bed platform as a drum).

Before - see how the bed platform takes up all the room?!?
After - see? Now I have a living room with actual ROOM!
 It was a double blessing to have Allen help me with this because it ended up being complicated - like, as he put it, it required tools to use tools to use tools. Luckily, I think the hard part is over, and now I just have to modify the top part and add cushions and voila! Build-in storage sofa. :)

- I had a great time in Sunday school this morning. I'm not sure what started it, but one of the guys started telling me about what a great deal he and his girlfriend got on their shoes at Payless, and then he and his girlfriend and I discussed shoes (turns out we'd both seen the same pair and loved them), and basically we just had a lot of fun. We're studying Job, which is a book that I lovelovelove, which makes it fun anyway. Unfortunately, our group leader just took a job that's going to take him away, so our future as a group is uncertain. Boo. :*(

- I finally got a haircut yesterday, so my hair is back to being healthy and split-end free. Yay! My hair has really had "A Series of Unfortunate Events" thing going on lately... last week, I had a dye job go horribly wrong and for a few days I had hair just like NCIS's Abby Scuito. Don't get me wrong, Pauly Perrette is cute, but my hair is supposed to be brown. Then yesterday my hair was so bad I had to watch three months of growing it out go down the drain during a "trim." :(

- Lately I've been rewatching "Sanctuary," partly because of upcoming Shore Leave, but mostly cuz I really enjoyed the show (before that fatal season four). And I'd really, really forgotten how much I liked season one, before Kate Freelander joined (not that I didn't like Kate, I'd just forgotten how much I loved the original team). And how handsome/charismatic Christopher Heyerdahl is. Lol. (And I just found out he's in an episode of Castle - EEE!)

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