Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Working On "My Place"

I love saying that. My place. Even if it is only 27' long! :)

Between wedding prep and life and whatnot, I didn't actually have time to do any work on my trailer before leaving for Alabama. Except to sit inside and do some thinking/dreaming. And get the kitchen unpacked (since I couldn't stand tripping over the boxes in my bedroom for one more second).

In a way, this was good - instead of jumping in at the deep end and starting to change things, then having regrets, I've had time to sort through my options and think through what I want to do.

Feel free to zone out now - this is merely for my own benefit. :)

- Paint walls and cabinets (light/darker gray)
- Replace carpet in living room
- New curtains
- New slipcovers for all cushions
- Modify top bunk into storage/closet space
- Convert bed into sofa in living room
- Make cushion for converted sofa
- Remove left bench from kitchen
- Investigate removing futon from kitchen (not sure this is possible)
- Hang racks (for spices and K-cups) inside kitchen cabinet doors
- Cover or remove weird window fixtures
- Paint bathroom
- Install bottom piece on bathroom door
- Replace all hardware (door handles, drawer pulls, etc)
- Replace fixtures (light covers, towel racks, etc)

Not all of this will get done before I move in (obviously), but this is sort of my "road map" for the long-term. :)

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