Thursday, June 20, 2013


The last week has left me speechless, most of the time. It's been crazy. Hectic. Busy. Full of challenges big and small.

On Sunday I discovered that the super-deluxe muffin tin I stole borrowed from my mom wouldn't fit into my teensy oven. The guy who took my order at Starbucks botched my order atrociously (luckily, the wonderful barista fixed it - and even gave the botched version to Maggie for free!). I wanted to cook a roast in my crockpot, but the crockpot tripped the breaker (unbeknownst to me) and it took hours longer than I expected it to. On Monday, my bathroom started to smell funky (remember, we still hadn't gotten the permanent sewer hookup installed). By Tuesday, it felt like I was living IN a sewer. I had a migraine and couldn't clean my living room the way I'd wanted to. I started to wonder if I'd made a really big mistake, that maybe everything falling perfectly into place over the last few months was really just cosmic coincidence instead of God's grace.

And then... we got the sewer hookup complete (thank you so much, Dad!!!), and my place went back to smelling of mint and strawberry. I realized that my hot water heater runs on electric or gas (a feature I'd fought tooth and nail, but that God clearly realized I would need), so I could have a hot shower and run my AC. I cooked a delicious dinner and washed dinner afterwards with hot water, without needing to nuke multiple mixing bowls to achieve it. I climbed into bed, looked up at the moonlight shining through my skylight that, in four short nights, I have come to love, and had to smile, because I caught myself saying, "It'll be alright." And I believed it.

I'm happy. Which is freshly amazing to say, because I've been far from it over the last few weeks. For the first time in a long, long time, I'd been struggling with discouragement. Feeling overwhelmed. Not being able to muster up enough emotional of physical energy to care about anything, and yet constantly emotional about everything and nothing. Exhausted.

I'm still exhausted (my plans for my day off tomorrow involve sleeping. Later on this weekend, I'll deal with the mess in my living room, the last of the paint touch-ups, maybe lay in my permanent patio. Tomorrow? Sleep) but slowly and surely, my perspective is starting to change. I was washing dishes last night and caught myself thinking about how I needed a cute bowl to stash my scrubber and sink plugs in. The idea of getting to shop made me smile. :) I was taking a shower and thinking about what color I'd like to paint the bathroom, and what sort of shower curtain I want - smile. Drifting off to sleep and hearing my phone vibrate on the bunk above me, I thought about how I needed a little holder down by my bed for it - and instantly a cute Pinterest project that would be just. perfect. popped into my head.


~ ~ ~

I've been enjoying cooking for one. :) Wine-braised pot roast, tuna cakes with seared brussel sprouts, spaghetti with parmesan cheese. I have plans this weekend to try making the tomato tart I've been wanting to try forever. And having my own Internet - another thing I love. I come home, play an episode of "Adventures in Odyssey" on my tablet while I fix dinner. I wash dishes and love how my citrus dishwashing soap smells. Still haven't gotten pictures hung, but that's coming soon.

In short, folks, I'll be alright. :)

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