Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Week In Pictures

Saturday: The biggest highlight of the week, by far, was watching my friend and "brother" Phillip get married! DUM DUM DA DUM!!! :) The wedding was absolutely gorgeous - I kept walking around just to look at all the adorable decorations!

Also Saturday: How bout a 2-for-1? We went contra dancing Saturday night after the wedding - my entire family - and it was amazing. :) Live music, swirling and getting swirled around the dance floor to the rhythm of folk music... divine.

Sunday: I can't believe I'm even posting this... but this is what my room looked like for most of the week as I sorted, packed, etc. It was kind of hard because I had furniture that had been promised to folks, but it didn't get picked up til today, so I've been working around it, trying not to put stuff on it, which mostly left... the floor. :/
Monday: For Abigail's last day of being four (!!!), we had a playdate with her friend Emilie from preschool. Em and Abs will be attending kindergarten together next year so Em's mom and I wanted to get them reaquainted. We made homemade modeling clay.
Tuesday: Happy birthday Abigail! She talked all morning about wanting a lollipop (I have no idea where that came from) so on our way to the library we stopped in at a nearby gas station. The grandfatherly man who rang us up commented on what a sweet girl Abby was, and she shyly (but proudly) informed him that it was her birthday, and he gave her the lollipop for free. :)
Wednesday: My sister Maggie was giving our baby-dog, Oliver, a good brushing when I got home from work. Ollie's a shepherd-collie mix, which means he has the long hair of the collie and the uber-thickness of the shepherd - one hairy doggie! She just bought herself a "Furminator" brush, and it worked GREAT! (Note that all the white "fluff" around him is hair she was able to remove with it)
Thursday: After work, Maggie and I were going to go on a big girls-night-out date with some friends to get pedis and go to dinner. Except that as we dropped Abigail off, Chris came running out and advised us that a tornado warning was in place. We came inside and watched the weather channel showing the rotations in the atmosphere, and ended up sheltering in the basement until it passed us over. Although the tornado didn't touch down anywhere near us, it did do some crazy damage to the nearby trees and power lines :( including ripping these branches off the nearby tree and bouncing them off the sliding glass door we were standing by. Luckily, they didn't even budge!
Friday: My room by the time I was moved out. Actually, it was even emptier because this was taken in the morning, before I totally finished moving. :(

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