Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"In Between"

Everybody's been asking for "after" pictures of my trailer, and I've been loathe to post them, just because it's not really "after" yet. It's more like... "in between." Cuz, while there's a lot of new paint on the walls, and changes taking place, there's a LOT of construction stuff lying around - paint, brushes, rollers, tape, screwdrivers, plastic, etc, etc, etc.

But if you promise to overlook the mess... come on in. :)

 My "almost after" kitchen. Doesn't it look so much bigger now? And more Zen? :)

The benches - once I unbury them of all the construction stuff - are getting new cushions of gray leather. :) And I still have yet to hang up the new curtains (silver!).

The "before" master bedroom.

Now a living room!

It's hard to photograph the living room. You can't get a good angle on it. *sigh* And I just laid down a new rug (it's beautiful!!!) but apparently those pictures didn't come through. I'll have to hunt them down.

Those cabinets? Oh, yeah. Stuffed with books. :) My entire collection just fit, with seriously one of two paperback's worth of room to spare.

The old sleeping compartment - two bunks.


My new sleeping compartment... complete with unmade bed LOL! I nap here whenever I get too tired remodeling. :) The top bunk is about to become a closet compartment.

So... that's what's up, so far. Hopefully this weekend sewer and water will get hooked up, and I'll be able to knock out the very last projects, and then I'm in. :)

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