Sunday, June 2, 2013


Wow, it's been such a full, good week! This was Abby's first week out of school, so we dove face-first into the pile of crafts, activities, and learning activities I've been pinning, filing away, and anticipating all school year. :) We had fun. We also had a few meltdowns (totally not her fault) as I attempted to loosen up her napping schedules. I was thinking we'd try an every-other day kind of schedule, but after this week, I'm thinking our non-nap days need a half hour "rest period" or something.

It finally felt like summer this week, causing me to break out my tank tops, sundresses, and flip-flops. And sunscreen. :) I am determined not to get a sunburn this summer!

And now, for some randomness...

- I got to talk to my BFF on the phone this week, and it just reminded me how awesome it is that we have all this technology to connect us. Because my life would be much less interesting and totally less hilarious without being able to talk, text, and Facebook. Some of the stories we told each other were so. ridiculously. funny. Unfortunately, they were also mostly inappropriate to share (not bad, just TMI lol). :)

- On Saturday morning, my dad, mom, sister Ruth, and I went to the nearby Botanical Gardens to see Anna and Elizabeth with their booth at the craft fair. On the way home, we were all thirsty, so we thought we'd stop at the KFC/Taco Bell and get a drink to share. My dad asked for the "largest size drink" they had. This is what we got:

It came with its own carrying handle and everything! Weall had a good laugh. :)

- I got a lot done this week on my remodel - which is good, cuz I have two weeks to the day to get myself moved in! Not too much moving left to do, one strip of wall left to paint, gotta cut and screw in my bench seat, and I'm IN. Can't. Wait,

- Yesterday was the nicest day; in the morning we went to the gardens, in the afternoon I took a nap and then painted like a crazy person (got so much done!!!), Maggie and I went to my grandparents house to swim, and then went out for a late dinner of ahi tuna and shrimp.

- Funny story - after dinner, Maggie wanted fro-yo at the nearby shop, so we drove over. I didn't want fro-yo, but as I was standing near her I noticed the toppings bar had pound cake, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream. Yeah. Did I mention I love strawberry shortcake? Pre-tty sure this is not how they intended me to use the toppings bar, lol.

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