Thursday, January 8, 2015


- It's so cold outside. I feel chilled, even though the thermostat in the trailer reads just over 70 degrees (very, very high for me) and the girls are sleeping on the top shelf of their cage, instead of in their snuggle sack (which means it's REALLY warm). I have lots of indoor projects I could be doing, but all of them would necessitate climbing out from under my electric blanket. I don't want to do anything but sleep. Apparently, I am a bear and should be hibernating.

- Speaking of the girls... Zhiva spent quite a bit of time this morning "cleaning out" the top level of the cage, moving a lot of the fluff and stuff out of the bin they sleep in and putting them on the shelves. As soon as Zinnia woke up and climbed up, however, she was extremely unhappy and began immediately moving everything back in. As Zinnia pulled stuff back in on one side, Zhiva quietly threw it back out the other. I was cuddling on the couch having the time of my life watching this go down. :)

- Yesterday my friend Crisy and I took the girls (Ruth and Dari, 14 and 11) up to go ice skating and out for dinner afterwards. So, so much fun! I always expect to be awful at ice skating, so it's a pleasant surprise when I remember that I'm halfway good at it. I love the sensation of gliding across the ice. It feels like flying. :)

- Has anyone else used a curling wand yet? I've been using my old curling iron over the last few months to jazz up my (flat, fine, generally unstyle-able) hair for special occasions. After I chopped off more than ten inches over the summer, I found that my hair would finally hold a curl, something it's never done before in my life (except for my best friend's wedding, where I had my hair styled professionally and the stylist used enough hairspray to choke a horse). Using my cheap curling iron, I could get my hair curled in about 30-45 minutes, using quite a bit of product - heat protective spray, a lot of hairspray, and an oil mist to keep everything from going to frizz. The curls lasted, but I had to "make up" with my hair the next day (extra conditioner and no heat styling for awhile). Then Liz got a Remington curling wand for Christmas. She didn't like it - never got comfortable with the different technique - but I used it once and was instantly in love, so she let me steal it. Now I can completely curl my hair in ten minutes flat, using no product but the heat spray (which, btw, I love - no residue, and doesn't make my hair instantly fall flat like all other products I've used. I want to try out the curl activating spray soon), and the curls last all day, with no damaging hairspray, etc. Love it, love it, love it. I'll be rocking curls a lot more in my future. :)

- I haven't taken my tree down. I should. I don't want to. I did undecorate it and get all the other decorations stashed away, but I've gotten addicted to sleeping by the soft glow, and I can't give it up. This is quite a switch for someone who usually likes to sleep in pitch-darkness, but it is what it is. Makes me feel safe. Makes me feel happy. Perhaps I should get some seasonally appropriate decorations and keep it up year-round? ;)

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