Sunday, January 25, 2015

What A Week!

Whew! This week has eaten me alive!

Monday I woke up feeling great - I'd finally beaten the crud that I'd been dodging for several days, and I got to go back to coaching, and everything was coming up roses! So I went and I coached, and afterwards I was really hungry. Really hungry. Like, I stood in the locker room outside the shower and wolfed down a Lara bar because I was so, so hungry.

Literally, by the time I reached my road an hour later, I had to pull over because I thought I might throw up. Turns out the crud vacated my body just in time for the stomach bug to hit! I spent the night throwing up, texted a "sicknotcoming" text to Chris, and spent most of the day in bed, crawling out to go to swim that night and stand on deck trying to look like I was doing something more productive than trying not to throw up. (Apparently I failed at this, and nobody was fooled, but apparently I also looked so miserable that everyone was helpful and proactive and not needy, so it worked out.) (Honestly, I contemplated not even writing down my hours that night. I'm not sure that my boss was paying me to do anything more than be a figurehead lol.) 

I missed a day with the triplets, thanking God for their grandma, who stepped in to cover for me, and kept thinking that any second now, the nausea would lift and I'd feel like myself again. I tried drinking lots of water, Gatorade, eating crackers (and tried some soup on Wednesday night that I ended up throwing out, uneaten), etc, and nothing helped. I ended up going back to work on Thursday still nauseous, and it wasn't until Amy offered me some Zofran that I was finally able to get myself together. Apparently my body just needed a little boost.

Spent the rest of the day (and the next!) trying to rehydrate, and enjoying eating again. :)

Apparently I did this last year, too. I'm hoping NOT to make this a yearly tradition. (Seriously, though, I think I had the stomach bug last when I was, like, nine? and now twice in two years? What gives?)

So! That was my week. My weekend was much better. :) I got to sleep in on Saturday, which is always glorious, then I got the new roster roughed out for our new swim session before meeting up with some friends for lunch. My friend Brittany is going to be having a baby girl this summer and I get to throw her baby shower! :) We had fun talking over a bunch of shower ideas and decided on "mama and baby owl" for the theme. I can't wait to start planning! Then this evening I worked at the triplets; since they turned two, they have a slightly later bedtime, and we began switching them over to toddler beds. I was nervous about both changes but so far, so good!

Here's to this week - hopefully it's better than the last! :)

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