Tuesday, January 13, 2015


- Flat Whites. Can I get an amen? I'm in heaven.

- I cleaned out my truck this weekend; it's been on my to-do list forever and I don't know why I've been putting it off and putting it off because it's not a hard or long task, but I have been. But on Sunday I took everything out of it, gathered up my quarters, went to the store for a new air freshener and cleaning wipes, and now it's cleaner than it's been since February. (Maybe longer, but I'm not admitting to that.) I still need to set aside some time to shampoo the carpets, but seeing as the temperature isn't going much above freezing all week, I think I'll make that a task for a warmer day.

- So swim started again last night, and it was insane crazy. But I was so glad to be back! I got there way, way earlier than I needed to because at the last minute there were a lot of kids added to the schedule and roster changes and whatnot, and I suddenly got nervous that I was forgetting something. But I'm glad I did, because the pool was completely empty and still shut down for the winter break (I had to go track someone down to open it up and turn on the lights). And I got to enjoy the peace and anticipation for awhile, which was nice. Of course, then a gazillion kids and parents descended on us and everything went nuts, but it was nice while it lasted. :)

- I get asked all the time by parents about the best way to put a swim cap on their kid. And since I've never worn one, I've asked all my coaches about the best way to put one on, and while I've gotten some marginally helpful hints (always get it wet first, wet the hair too if possible, start at the forehead and pull backwards, etc), I'd been told there is no magic method. Except apparently there is. (Go watch it, it's completely, totally amazing!!!)

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