Friday, January 30, 2015


Y'all. Everybody around me is sick. I'm kind of scared to breathe, actually. :( My family caught whatever stomach virus I had last week and has spent the better part of this week dropping like flies, one by one. One of my sisters actually ended up taking an ambulance ride to the hospital and returning the following night, it was so bad, and while no one else got it quite so badly, it's definitely been a miserable week.

The triplets got sick, too - fevers and coughing and sneezing and so. much. snot. This week has brought back memories of this time last year when the girls came down with RSV at the same time their mama was in the hospital and I spent a couple of weeks wiping noses, pinning them down for nebulizer treatments, and dosing out meds.

This week wasn't quite so bad, but I still wasn't surprised when I arrived at work this morning to be told that both girls took a trip to the hospital last night, and Addie was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was one hurting puppy yesterday. :(

Miles, on the other hand, had it worst at the beginning, and then bounced back pretty quickly, and he wasted no time today letting me know that he felt he'd gotten too little attention these past few days while his sisters were sick. Luckily, he woke up from nap quite a bit earlier than they did, so we got to do lots of one-on-one snuggling and loving, and he was pretty happy the rest of the day, coming up to me to give random hugs and exclaiming "Love!" He's reached that age where normally, when I reach to tickle him or kiss him or pretty much interact with him at all while he's playing, he sternly tells me "No!" and stays focused on his trucks or blocks. But not today! All I had to do was glance in his direction and he would flash me his big, beaming smile and giggle. :)

Anywho... it's been a long, long week, and I'm tired. I have two hours of swim in the morning (just training - which can be fun, because I love talking about good coaching ideas, but somehow I have the feeling I'm going to be a lot more animated than a lot of college students who have been pulled out of bed before noon lol!) and then I'm home to crash. My to-do list includes taking a nap (yes. I put it on the list.), hanging up the Valentine's Day decorations I made last year (and then didn't enjoy since I spent almost no time at home during the next six weeks), doing some cleaning, and trying my hand at making a bikini bag out of the PUL I bought tonight. (Of course, in my case it's more like a "shorts, swimsuit, rash guard" bag, and if I could throw my towel in there too all the better, but hey.)

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