Monday, January 19, 2015


- You know what's truly sad? When it's Saturday night and you miss your job. (Okay, fine, I'm actually pretty ok with this. I love my job. But sheesh, I should be able to enjoy the weekend without wishing I had a class to coach! I think I'm addicted.)

- The triplets had their second birthday party on Saturday. Their birthdate isn't until Tuesday but still - where did the time go?! In just two weeks, it will be a whole year since they came into my lives. Here's the very first picture I ever took of them, on my first day:

And here are some recent snapshots:

Here's to a great second year together. It's amazing how much they've grown in the past twelve months even as it breaks my heart a little. :)

- I want a waterproof mp3 player. I'm thinking about this one.  Has anyone used one like this before? A friend just got this one and likes it, but I think it would be easier to have an "all in one" design. I don't actually know if I'd like listening to music while I swim, though (I find the rhythm of breathing and water pretty soothing) and it's a bit of money to gamble. I guess I'll keep contemplating it a while longer.

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Mrs. Pepper said...

I love listening to music, but never tried it while swimming. You'll have to be sure and tell us how you like it if you decide to try that.