Monday, December 17, 2012

Done In

I got home last night from out last performance and I knew I'd had it. I've been coughing for a week now, haven't been sleeping well because of it, and an exceptionally busy weekend plus the stress of wondering if my voice and lungs would make it through two performances finally pushed me over the edge, from "I'm good" to "I need a break." Anna was kind enough to agree to take Abigail to school me today so that I could sleep in, and I woke up feeling, if not really great, at least better. Which is good. Cuz we're entering the Christmas countdown, folks - one week to go!

This is my final list of what's getting done.

Tomorrow: Abigail and I are spending the day with my sibs. I'm gonna try to get my last few Christmas presents done while she's playing. We're gonna leave early and stop in at the dollar store to pick up supplies for our little Christmas playdate with Lilly (more in a sec). Tuesday night is Hobbit night with Dad, Maggie, Maggie's friends, and our church friends! (Very excited about this).

Wednesday: Christmas playdate with Lilly. I have a Christmas-y craft to make, a small gift for each girl to make for her parents, a snack, and a very special activity (I'll do a post on it later in the week :)). Wednesday night I'm gonna mix up my cookie dough to take with me to work on Thursday.

Thursday: Last gymnastics class of the year! While Abby is sleeping, I'm gonna try to get my cookies baked. I'm gonna take a plate to my mechanic on the way home. If Maggie and I go out for a "sister date" that night, awesome! If not, I'm gonna come home, take a nap, and then stay up late to wrap/finish presents while I listen to Christmas music or watch a Christmas movie in the background (still haven't seen Polar Express or White Christmas this year!)

Weekend to-do list: Finish and wrap all gifts! Buy new PJ's. Finish "A Christmas Carol." Drink hot chocolate. Think about resolutions. Make a list of things I need to get done after Christmas (lol!).

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