Monday, December 24, 2012

One Day Left!

What did Adam say to Eve at Christmas?
"Merry Christmas, Eve!"

It's here! I love Christmas Eve - somehow the last-minute scurrying seems less stressful and more festive on this day. Knowing that the forecast was calling for "wintery mix" today, I got all my errands done yesterday so that I didn't have to go out until tonight (candelight service at church, and then a Christmas party!!!). Last gifts picked up, laundry finished, nails done, new Christmas PJ's bought, then home to work on the very last of the last minute gifts, and to give my room a good cleaning.

I had the most wonderful surprise yesterday when a dear friend of mine that I haven't seen in a long time walked in to church yesterday! :) He's home visiting his family for Christmas, and brought news that his brother and sister-in-law, also dear friends, will also be arriving for the holiday! :) This is the part I love, seeing loved ones again!

We don't have any particular Christmas Eve traditions, but the night is always a fun one, whether it involves a party, a movie, late game night, whatever. I can't wait to see the tree get surrounded with gifts (we put them all out at once!) and lay out the stockings for morning. Sadly, I guess because I'm an adult now lol, I usually wish I could sleep in on Christmas morning, so I end up on the couch bleary-eyed waiting for someone to bring me a cup of coffee. :)

I love the fun of giving presents - I think I seriously like it better than getting! Sometimes. Anyway, I cannot WAIT for tomorrow for folks to open their presents. :)

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