Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Favorite Christmas Records

Although I love reading other people's Christmas playlists, I could NEVER make one of my own. It would last for hours... days, even. I'm a total Christmas music nut - even though I unpacked my box of holiday music really late this year, the box won't get repacked until, oh, maybe sometime in February? And I guarantee that when I run across it again sometime this Summer while cleaning, a few CDs will get pulled and listened to again. :) So a list of ten or twelve songs? Yeah...

But a list of my fav recordings? Okay, that I can maybe do! :)

1. Michael Crawford's "A Christmas Album" - This is my soundtrack for peaceful Christmas evenings, when the world gets a little too frantic and I need some soul soothing. Crawford's voice is amazing, and his interpretations of classic Christmas songs are new and fresh and yet honoring. If I could only listen to one Christmas song for the rest of my life, I'd choose his "Journey to Bethlehem" medley in a heartbeat.

2. Veggie Tale's "A Very Veggie Christmas" - Um, so, changing up genres just a bit, this is my Christmas-present wrapping CD. It's long (over 40 minutes) and just the right length for a good wrapping session, plus it's just fun :). Okay, call me juvenile. I can take it. :) (I also have their "Incredible Singing Christmas Tree" recording, and it has some fun tracks, but nothing like this. :))

3. Bing Crosby - The genius of this crooner cannot be contained to one recording; at last count, I have three. :)

4. Il Divo's "The Christmas Collection" - These guys are great and their Christmas recordings are no exception! Some of my favorite tracks include "When A Child Is Born" and "Rejoice."

5. Tony Bennet's "Snowfall: The Christmas Album" - Okay, it's no secret I have a thing for Tony Bennet. His collection is mostly old favorites retooled in fun ways - perfect Christmas pick-me-up!

6. Burl Ives "The Christmas Collection" - I grew up with Burl Ives' voice singing in my favorite childhool holiday movies, and listening to this CD always brings back good memories. :)

7. Michael Buble's "Let It Snow" - Michael Buble is smoooooth, and I especially love his version of "Grown-Up Christmas List". I can't wait
to check out his new Christmas album and hear his version of "Santa Baby"!

8. Rod Stewart's "Merry Christmas, Baby" - I love Rod's classic oldies and this Christmas collection is just in that genre! This was my new CD for the year and I'm loving it!

9. The Beach Boys' "Christmas Harmonies" - Come on, who doesn't love the Beach Boys?!? I was shocked when I was just doing some googling to discover that there are actually several Christmas albums by them... I think I need them all!!!

And two albums that I don't actually own, but cannot wait to get my hands on!

Andrea Bocelli's "My Christmas" - I've been a Bocelli fan for as long as I can remember, and this playlist looks amazing! I loved hearing his "God Bless Us Every One" on the soundtrack to "A Christmas Carol" last year - one of my favorite artists singing on one of my favorite movies? WIN!

Jackie Evancho's "Heavenly Christmas" - I really enjoyed her last recording, and I can't wait to add her Christmas songs to my playlist.

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