Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Starbucks Tuesday Link-Up

Seeing as I'm a complete Starbucks fan, it just makes total sense for me to join up with the Starbucks Tuesday Link-Up over at "Nothing Less Than Bread" (which, for the record, is one of my fav blogs. :))

This week I actually have a new drink to share! Last week Maggie and I stopped in at Starbucks on our way home, and I wanted something festive, but not too strong, or sweet. I love the idea of peppermind lattes, but the peppermint is always too strong for me at Starbucks and makes my tummy unhappy. :( I love their caramel brulee latte, but they also tend to be really sweet. And don't even talk to me about the peppermint mocha - WAY too strong! :)

So I was standing there in line panicking cuz I had no idea what I wanted, and I got to the front, and on a whim I asked the barista if she could split the syrup pumps between caramel and peppermind. She could, and mixed it up for me, and I tasted it - INSTANT new favorite! (I may have had it several times since then lol). The peppermint is mild, the caramel is sweet, and splitting the syrup (as opposed to adding full pumps of each) keep everything from being too strong.

If you're at home and want to make this, and you have peppermint and caramel syrup, the formula is 3 pumps caramel to 1 pump peppermint (for a grande).

I had them make mine "skinny" - nonfat milk and sugar free syrup - so my new favorite clocked in at only 100 calories and no fat! Always a plus!

Sorry, I don't have pictures. :( Both my camera and phone are full to the brim (I need to buy a new SD card) so my picture taking abilities have been slightly curtailed as of late. :)

Hope you're having a lovely Christmas season! I've been trying to keep a balance going between getting stuff done and taking time to enjoy the season. This week I got the kid's stockings stuffed (yay!) so that's one thing checked off my "to-do" list. Still working on chipping away at those homemade Christmas gifts, but even that list is getting smaller, so that's encouraging. :)

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Kellie said...

Hey-hey!! I've never even though of splitting the syrups, but what a great idea!! I'll have to remember that in the future!! I have NO idea why the link-up wasn't working for you!! I know it's done that for me before when I've tried to link up with someone else! So sorry about!! But I'm THRILLED that you tried!! We'll do it again first Tuesday of January! Maybe the link-up will be working properly then! :)