Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Randomizer

It's been awhile since I've done a randomizer post, huh? It seems like these days, this is the only kind of post I have time for! BUT, I am anticipating a little bit of a slow-down in the holiday pace this week, so hopefully longer posts will be shortly forthcoming!

1. We had to cancel our 40+ person party for the senior citizens in our church due to the fact that everyone at my house was getting sick, getting over being sick, or was just. plain. sick. Not fun. I thought I'd escape the wave since I've been doing so well lately, but I started feeling rotten on friday. :(

2. Today was our first performance of the Christmas drama/musical at our church! It was fun to see that I got top billing! :) (Although, as my dad pointed out, no matter how they listed it, alphabetically, by order of appearance, etc, I was going to get it lol). I didn't get a great night's sleep last night (way too much coughing), so I stopped on the way to church and grabbed a couple of Red Bulls for fuel. It worked - I got through the play nicely - and then as soon as it was over I was DONE. Came home and slept all afternoon. Hopefully I can keep it from getting any worse, and recover completely before next week's two performances (hey, a gal can dream, right?)

3. I've been trying really, really hard to keep up some sort of balance between busy and calm, between getting ready for the season and just enjoying the season. So far I feel like I've been successful, and hopefully that will continue. Highlights from this week: I bought my holiday candles (yay!) - this year I'm burning my beloved Fireside candle (that my fav coworker gave me the last Christmas before I left Wawa) (it's running uber-low... almost time to get a new one!!!) as well as two new favorites, Fresh Frasier Fir and Sweet Peppermint. As a trio, they totally fill my room with Christmas Spirit!

4. I unpacked all my Christmas decor yesterday and got it put out in my room. I realized that while I have a decent amount of Christmasy stuff (though nothing for my door - gotta take care of that this week!) I have almost no "winter" stuff for after the holidays. This won't do! I'm gonna check in at the dollar store tomorrow and see what they have, but I'm also contemplating this adorable little snowman wax warmer (or maybe the mini version).

5. I got six Christmas presents wrapped yesterday! They're sitting by my bedroom door, a reminder to get moving with the rest of them, lol.

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