Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

Here we are, finally, down to the last six hours of 2012. It's been interesting (and thought-provoking!) to read the different statuses posted by my friends. Some have said that 2012 wasn't so great, and they're hoping for a better new year. Others look back on 2012 with fond memories of meeting their true love, getting engaged, having a baby, etc, and wish for a repeat. I've been on both sides of the aisle; I remember this time last year that my best friend and I were almost giddy waiting for 2011 to be over. It was not a good year (we joked that one of us must have accidentally unleashed a mummy and invoked a curse - it was just that bad).

This year? Totally different. Even though it's had some really rough patches, too. The death of friends. Hard times. Sad things. But 2012 also brought with it some indescribeably sweet things - an album full of amazing new memories with Abigail, trips I got to take, new things I got to see, and perhaps best of all, my bestie met the love of her life, got engaged, and began planning her wedding. It always sounded so trite before, but now I get it - I love Joe because he makes her happy. :) I am incredibly excited about what 2013 will bring with it!

Although there have been years where I've made whole lists of resolutions, this year, I have only a few (keeping it simple, I guess, lol): I want to be available for ministry when God brings it my way; I want to go back to running 3-5 times a week; I want to continue being more responsible with my finances (I did so much better this year! But there's still lots of room for improvement); I want to work on living each moment mindfully.

What are your resolutions this year (if any)? What about 2012 - was it a good year or a bad one?

Here's hoping that, no matter what sort of year you had, 2013 brings with it amazing things! :)

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