Friday, December 28, 2012


Maybe the last randomizer of the year!

1. I am so looking forward to the New Year - for some reason, this random "reset button for life" always motivates me to think about what kind of changes I can start making now, so that I will be a better person next year. :) At this moment, it looks like there's an even chance of my family either throwing a party or having a family-only evening at home. For the record, I'm voting for the latter lol!). I guess I'm a Grinch, but this holiday season has worn me out!

2. We had an amazing Christmas - lots of family and friends, and a Christmas Eve part that I got to wear my amazing new dress to! I'll have to post pictures later - it's bright blue, has an asymetrical neckline, and a ruched/ruffled front. I had so many people tell me how awesome it was - call me vain, but I love getting told I look great! :)

3. I bought cute, red and brown, reindeer Christmas flannel pajama bottoms (I buy myself new PJ's every year) and bought a simple brown T-shirt to go with it. Then I found an adorable "Merry" shirt that was oh-so-comfy-and-cute on clearance for $6 that match with my PJ bottoms from last year! So now I have TWO cute pairs of festive PJ's. :)

3. Remember how I had the pattern picked out but no material? Well, I found awesome material at JoAnn's (dark gray, knit but not too stretchy) and they're having a sale this week - 50% off the clearance fabric. I'm praying that it'll still be there, cuz I can't wait to wear it!

4. Ten days til my bestie shows up on my doorstep. I. am. so. excited. :)

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