Thursday, December 13, 2012


  • Braised cucumbers? Gross! And I was fully prepared to like them, too. :( Kind of a sort-of-pickled-but-not-really taste.
  • I was sharing my frustration at not being able to find good quality knit material in this town, and my mom turned me on to Hancock Fabrics. Bingo! I've already found several prints I love online, so now I'm psyched to find some time to duck up to the HF about 45 minutes away.
  • I'm going to stick $10 out of every paycheck in a jar and buy a Keurig for my birthday. This was mostly decided by the fact that I've felt really under the weather this week, and being able to have a cup of hot, perfectly brewed tea in 30 seconds at work has been heavenly.
  • I'd still sell my right arm to be able to sleep in tomorrow... but we have 48 people decending on the house, so that's not gonna happen! (Maybe Saturday).

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