Sunday, January 13, 2013


It's Sunday - time for a post about all the random things that don't quite fit anywhere else! :)

- Remember how I've been yearning for an orange Keurig? You'll never guess what my bestie and my bestie's fiance got me for Christmas! :) Truly one of the bestest gifts I've ever gotten. I've drunk more coffee this weekend than I care to admit LOL! Since I've almost burned through the sampler pack that came with it, it's time to start hunting down sales and deals on boxes of K-cups. I love shopping. :)

- My bestie also got me hooked on Fruit Ninja... lol JUST what I needed - another mindless game to waste time on! :) But it's okay, cuz I just completed all the free levels of Flow Free: Bridges (my other obsession) with perfect scores! Still working on classic Flow Free though...

- Have you seen these essential oil light bulb ring diffusers? (try saying THAT three times fast!!!) I found them in the candle aisle of Wal-Mart for 97 cents right before Christmas and got two as stocking stuffers, one for my mom and one for me. I pulled it out this weekend to burn some lavender oil (supposed to be amazing for stress - more on this later) and I love it. I don't have to worry about blowing it out (like a candle), it doesn't take up room (like a freestanding diffuser) or need an electrical plug. Plus, it's ridiculously effective. Hit up your local Wal-Mart and grab yourself one (it's by the incense in my local store, just FYI)!

- That lavender oil thing? Totally true. I want to get some pharmaceutical-grade oil now to add to a hot bath.

- The material that I was ogling for my new peplum top? I got it! And on clearance! :) I think that's going to be my evening project this week.

- I made stoup in my new (orange) crockpot today. It smells amazing. :) Here's the recipe: 1 can of chickpeas, 1 can of kidney beans, 1 can of Italian-style diced tomatoes, 2 stalks celery (chopped), 4 small carrots (sliced into "coins"), 1 6 oz bag of baby spinach, a good tablespoon of my absolute favorite beef stock base, 2 cups water, and whatever leftover cooked rice you have in the fridge. Stir it all together in the crockpot, turn it on high, cook until the veggies have reached your favorite level of tenderness.

- I spent most of today reorganizing my bookshelves. I managed to cull out a whole stack of magazines to take to the thrift store, but I couldnt find a single book to get rid of. Not one.

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