Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Randomizer


~ I went to church alone today, sans family. I was prepared to be lonely and had a lineup of friends I was going to beg to sit with - but when I got to the auditorium, everyone was already seated and had no seats left, so I ended up sitting alone. And it was exactly what I needed, especially since we had no "fellowship time" (you know, that time during baptist church services when we all get up and mingle for exactly as long as it takes to get too far away from your seat to make it back quickly when the pastor unexpectedly calls for everyone to sit down? lol). I got to sit quietly with nobody squishing me, no distractions, and just focus on the songs and sermon for an hour. My soul was refreshed, and I am grateful.

~ A friend was asking me today how to find my Pinterest account, and I stumbled for a moment - I knew my username had Taleia in it, but I couldn't remember if it was taleia_and_company, taleia_and_co, taleiaandco, or what. Imagine how stupid I felt when I got home and looked it up and it was just "taleia". So, if you too would like to see what catches my eye and give my gazillion boards a perusal, you can check me out here. :)

~ I am beginning my hunt for new digs this week! I have queries out to about half a dozen places renting rooms. This week I'm going to schedule appointments to go see them all and continue to keep hounding the classifieds section. I'll prolly rent a room for a couple months and look at getting an apartment later this summer, but really, I'm hoping my wanna-be roommate gets the job she interviewed for so that I can just move straight to the apartment hunting and have a partner. :) Gonna admit, I was pretty devastated about this forced move for awhile, but now I'm starting to move into the anticipation stage; I've been checking out Apartment Therapy for ideas on decorating tiny spaces, pinning ideas like crazy, and I've even picked out the first meal I want to make when I can officially say "I have my own kitchen" - Low Country Shrimp And Grits. If, when the time comes, you volunteer to help me move, I will invite you to stay for dinner. :)

~ Speaking of food: I was struck with the urge for soup this weekend, and I had some milk on hand. This rarely happens, so I decided to make corn chowder. My favorite cooking buddy Rachael Ray :) came through for me with this amazing recipe that not only features corn and potato (!!!) but Old Bay seasoning, too! I had a bowlful for lunch, and the rest is waiting to be lunch this week - I know I'll be eating at least one bowl over rice, one with shrimp added, and (if there's any left) one casserole style with a crust of cheese.

~ When I managed to make it out on Friday, before the snow started AGAIN, I found season 3 of NCIS for only $20 at Wal-Mart. I've been enjoying the show when it comes on during Abby's nap, so I brought it home. Love it. I think I found a new show!

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