Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Day

So, we have snow.
It was mentioned last night that we might get 2-4 inches of snow that would be so powdery, it could be removed not my shoveling, but by leaf-blowing.
Seriously, that's what the news said.
So you can imagine my surprise this morning when my uncle texted me to stay home, my aunt had called from work and said the roads were not good.
We were going to wait a few hours and see.
A few hours later, the verdict was that he was staying home today, and I had the day off.

I should be excited about the snow - I guess. But the truth is, when I looked out my window at all the white stuff, I groaned. I'm missing work, missing my favorite day of work (our Thursday lunch date with Mags), and I'm trapped until the roads are better. This is not a good time in my life to feel trapped.

If I'd had time to plan for a snow day, maybe I'd feel differently. I'd have laid in a supply of fontina cheese and mushrooms and could have spent the morning trying to exactly duplicate that amazing sandwich I had at the sculpture garden cafe the last time I was there with Robin, Joe, and Khy. It would have brought back great memories, cheering my heart.

I'd have a supply of Redbox movies on hand, and I'd be losing myself in scifi such as Total Recall, Looper, and MIB3.

If Maggie and I miss our sister date tonight, I'm gonna be seriously disappointed.

All I can say is, I hope the shining sun makes short work of the white stuff.

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