Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Bucket List 2013

I've made a decision. Instead of doing one big winter bucket list that includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, and all the fun stuff that comes with snow (lol), I've decided to break it up: one "holiday" bucket list covering Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's (that starts as soon as my Fall bucket list ends), and one "winter" bucket list starting right after New Year's Day and running until spring. :) With that...

1. Make a snow angel or snowman
2. Have a winter photo shoot
3. Go star or moongazing
4. Make homemade playdough with Khy
5. Go sledding or snowball fighting
6. Buy new running music
7. Go see Les Miserables
8. Start a new habit
9. Plan out Rebekah's shower and bachelorette party
10. Make homemade valentines for Abby's class
11. Order prints of favorite photos from the year and put them in an album
12. Get up early and go out to breakfast by myself
13. Start a summer vacation fund & start planning a trip
14. Buy/make a cute hat, scarf, and mitten set for the first snow
15. Feed the seagulls :)
16. Start a book list and begin reading!
17. Spend time writing
18. Do something special for a family member
19. Sew/craft something
20. Find a new soup recipe for the crockpot
21. Organize my Pinterest boards
22. Start a recipe file
23. Host a game night for friends
24. Make a garden plan
25. Try my hand at knitting
26. Find a new TV series to watch
27. Try a new hairstyle
28. Go to bed early and listen to music as I fall asleep
29. Find a new favorite hot drink

I'll probably be adding on to this list as I go... right now my brain is a little addled from lack of sleep (we stayed up way, way too late last night ringing in the new year. :)).

Anyway... what's on your bucket list for this season?

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