Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Randomizer

Randomizer time!

- I have tomorrow off! Which normally doesn't mean much to me (I'd just as soon go to work, lol) BUT it's pretty cool that I get to sleep in. Because I didn't actually get to sleep in this weekend lol. My plans include mostly sleeping in, then sanding and painting my new dresser (more on this in a minute). And maybe finishing my new peplum top if I get extra time.

- Apparently furniture refinishing is my new hobby. It's more fun when you're not up against a deadline LOL! I bought a new dresser at the thrift store - kinda looks like this one, but with uglier hardware - and I'm going to repaint it in the same shade I did my thrift-store side tables in (Man Cave). Looking forward to it!

- For the first time in my life, I am so ready for spring. I have a whole Pinterest board full of springish ideas just waiting for some warm weather. :( For some reason, the air today even had a springish feel... sad to know it's still a long, looong ways away...

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