Monday, August 9, 2010

Enjoying The Last Remnants of Summer

I'm enjoying these last few days of summer - mostly because I can finally see an end! I'm serious when I say that I am no fan of the hot season. If I could find a place to live that had one month of extreme heat and one month of extreme cold and five months each of spring and fall, I would be there in a heartbeat.
This weekend I met a friend up in North Beach, Maryland, for some exploring. :) We started off by having lunch at Sweet Sue's! I had the roast beef sandwhich, Becka had the Italian Duo, and she generously shared half of her cinnamon roll, which was incredible - beyond words, really.

After lunch, we walked up the street poking our heads into the little shops, including a boutique, an local art gallery (where I found a $990 painting that absolutely broke my heart to have to leave behind!), a beach shop, and - finally - a vintage candy store, where I had fun looking at the owner's collection of Pez dispensers.

When we'd explored everything on that side of the street, we crossed to the other side and into the antiques shops there! We had fun looking at everything, but I was especially drawn to the piles and piles of antique postcards, some as old as 1909 and some bearing legible messages! There was a set of cards from "Paul" to his parents as he was traveling across Europe - I found cards from Germany, Italy, and Hungary in the set. The oldest card I could find was a simple card with a small message: "Better late than never. Love, Edith" and a postmark of October 5th, 1915. I was puzzled by this message, until I turned the card over and read the front - "Happy New Year!" Becka and I both had a good laugh over that, and I bought the card ($1!) to take home. Maggie and I would like to go back on one of our Thursday night dates - I would love to find a postcard from an American soldier fighting overseas!

We took a walk on the boardwalk, admiring (and in my case, drooling over) the beautiful beachfront homes, and then it was time to go home.

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