Friday, August 20, 2010

Prayer Request

I don't think I've ever done this before, but here goes: I have a selfish prayer request, and I have this strange compulsion to ask everyone I know to pray, even though this is a completely non-urgent matter and is, quite frankly, impossible. So here goes.

There is this class at my old school that I have wanted to take since I first found out about it years ago. It's taught by my fav psych professor - I have taken all of his other classes and he's awesome, his classes are always practical and fun, and on a personal level I love his teaching style and he likes having me as a student. :) Anyway, he teaches a "Personality Adjustment" class once a year. It's like a prerequisite to a counseling class. Whereas in counseling classes you learn to counsel others, in this class you learn to apply counseling techniques to your own life and relationships. We were talking about it once, and he told me I should go, that it was his FAVORITE class to teach, and he only taught it once a year because he really invested himself heavily in his students. People came into class and, using what they learned, did great and mighty things. They broke up abusive relationships. They lost the weight. They improved the toxic relationship. They worked through past baggage. He said he loved watching all these folks suddenly become so empowered to change their lives.

I've never been in a position to take this class for one reason or another. It either interfered with something I HAD to take, and then once I was done with my core classes I was teaching on Tuesdays (the only day it was offered).

Now I find out I'm not teaching, and the class if full. :(

I put myself on the waiting list, but there's several people ALSO on the waiting list, so at this point... nothing short of a miracle. Which is sort of what I'm hoping for.

This has been such an incredible year of healing and growth for me. In the past, I struggled with depression/anxiety symptoms from September to April. Last year, I felt down and a little anxious for two weeks in the fall, and that was it. This is incredible for me. I know I'll probably always struggle with some amount of depression/anxiety susceptibility for life, but I know now that I'll be ok. This isn't something I was completely sure about before last year.

This professor was one of the people who helped me understand why I was so miserable, and learn new ways to cope and grow, and this was only through the academic classes I took with him, where information was given in a very factual textbook manner. I can't even begin to imagine how much I could learn in an atmosphere where he was ready to really help me dig in and work through stuff.

Even though I've grown so much... I know there's more to do, more to learn, more to grow. I'm not saying that this class is some sort of golden ticket, but I do know that this would be a great opportunity and hopefully would give me even MORE tools!

So, anyway... pray. :)

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