Monday, August 30, 2010

Ol' Man Trouble, I Don't Like Him...

So my cell phone died last night. At first I wasn't sure what was up, but after I cleaned out my truck I realized what had happened: last night when I came in after the play I was so dead tired that I left my phone in one of the two cupholders in my center console. Next to it was a styrofoam fast-food cup from earlier that day. Apparently sometime last night the cup sprang a leak and flooded both compartments. :(

It's crazy that this has happened, since my family has been kidding me lately about how it's been awhile since I last killed a phone. Whenever I kill a phone, it's ALWAYS liquid-related.

I tried phone first-aid - drying it off on my sweatshirt, holding it in front of the air-conditioning vent, etc, but it was still leaking. I disassembled it, dumped it in a bag of rice (which is supposedly the best moisture-sucker-outer available in a pinch) and took it with me to work.

After a few hours, no improvement, so I moved on to plan B: get a working phone with my number as soon as possible! I called Anna and had her dig out my old LG flip phone, and she watched Abby while I got on the phone with my provider and had them port the number over. Turns out I'll need a new SIM card, which will take 3-5 days to arrive. Grr!

I went ahead and had them do it, but I'm sort of wondering now if it's worth it, since I was planning on buying a new phone soon. I'm looking at switching to Straight Talk, specifically this phone. I'm excited about having video and MP3 capabilities, but I'm sad that all this no longer comes in a flip style, as I still miss the flip style and HATE the whole QWERTY keyboard thing.

I am thinking that it will take less time to buy a new phone and get my number ported on to it that it will to get the new SIM card and get my old cell phone up and running, so that's probably what I'll end up doing. I just hope my phone comes back alive enough to retrieve my pictures, recordings, and some texts. :(

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