Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Night Live

I'm not much of a weekend-goer-outer. Maggie and I have our girl's night out (dinner and shopping) every Thursday night unless the roads are impassable, and except for the occasional lunch out with friends, that's about all the going out I can take. :) I also hate crowds, so I try to get all my errands, shopping, etc done during the week so that weekends I can spend sleeping in, doing projects, watching film, reading, blogging, etc. My weekends are pretty low-key.

This weekend, on the other hand, has been CRAZY! But in a totally good way! On Wednesday, my air mattress - the thing standing between me and back pain - died, so my main priority on Thursday was finding a new full-size double-high air mattress. Maggie and I went everywhere - it was not to be found. Twin? Yes. Queen? Yes. Full? Nope! I finally settled on the only full-size air mattress to be found, but it was only a single high and I was really dubious about it. Brought it home, set it up, woke up Friday morning, boxed it up, and took it back to the store. Bleh. I finally caved and went and bought a Queen-size double-high, which means I couldn't use my bedframe, box spring, or any of my sheets. As I was lamenting this, my brother mentioned that his bed was a Queen-size and he wanted a smaller bed. I seized on this and offered him mine, so I at least got a properly sized mattress and box spring (I just threw the air mattress on the very top). I still can't use my sheets but I'm going to see if I can find my sheet set in a Queen-size at the Wal-Mart up the street tomorrow. And I'll start looking at thrift stores for a Queen-size bedframe again (I bought my last one for $5 there). It's a little inconvenient, but at least I have a bed again, one that doesn't hurt my back.

So Friday was spent mostly sorting out the mattress situation, then running around town to various stores collecting all the odds and ends that we needed for today's rehearsal. I also repaired a costume that had come apart during a previous rehearsal, and stitched up the tree costumes so Hannah could paint them with a bark pattern during today's rehearsal. It was after midnight when I got to bed.

And morning came too soon, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much energy I had. :) Today's rehearsal went SO WELL! I am really pleased! I admit, I was stressing a bit this week, just cuz we're down to crunch time, but today was so rewarding. Hannah and I were crazy people, getting everyone in costume, assembling a few last stage props that had come in just this week, getting everyone settled, getting the singers warmed up, getting the sound system up and running... I don't think we stopped moving except to eat, but it was so worth it! Before, between, and after run-throughs, I set up a photo area with props and took tons of photos. I got an individual shot of each actor in costume, some small-group shots, and of course a couple of group photos. I am really pleased at how well they all turned out. This afternoon I ran to Wal-Mart and fed them into their "Prints In Minutes" machine and made each actor a collage with some of their best shots and a group photo. It makes a nice $2 memento of the time we've spent together. :) I also got Hannah a huge collage featuring each actor, a shot I made her pose for, and our group photo. I get to pick them up tonight, and I'll hand them out tomorrow and let everyone sign them! I'll get some of the photos up here eventually, too. :)

Tonight I got to hang out with Abigail since Chris and Natalie had a birthday party to go to. I never get to babysit on the weekends - if they go out, they usually ask my sister, Anna, to babysit - so this was a real treat! Abby was a little upset that Mommy had to go (poor baby!) but cheered up quickly. We watched a few minutes of The Tigger Movie, then we went to my other uncle's house to see my grandparents who were in from Florida, and my uncle's family. Abigail loved their trampoline and bounced all night with my cousin Emily. We also took a walk on the pier and saw jellyfish (lots of jellyfish!), crabs, fishies, and boats. They have a little Yorkshire terrier that I thought Abby would like, since it's a really small dog, but it turns out she did NOT like it at all! I think she was a little unnerved since she's used to small animals being slow or still, like the kitties and bunnies, and Baxter was quivering with excitement. Oh, well. In contrast, she shrieked with happiness when she saw a jellyfish, and waved at it and said "Hi, jelly!" What a kid. :)

By the time we made it home she was so tired, sticky with sweat and bugspray, dirty from the trampoline and running around on the grass, so I ran her a bath and poured her in. It's amazing what water and soap can do. Five minutes later she was clean and much happier (I'm kind of grouchy when I'm hot and dirty, too, so I don't blame her a bit!). She was happy to be pajama'd and read to and sung lullabies and popped into bed. :)

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