Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This morning when I got up I had some text messages from friends who were asking me how I was feeling now that there is no more co-op. Throughout the morning, I got more. I just want to say, thanks everyone for the concern! It really warmed my heart to know that everyone cared!

In answer to the queries... I'm fine. I'm sad that this thing I loved is (at least temporarily) gone, but I am so grateful for the opportunities it gave me and the growing I did there.

Now that it is over, though, I think I'm even more inspired to get some of my own personal projects underway. I really want to get my educational resource blog/site up and going, and I'm more determined than ever to continue being diligent about posting here and on my other blogs (my nanny blog and my writing blog).

Last week, before I knew about co-op, I started writing fiction again. Granted, it was fanfic, and granted, it was bad fanfic. :) But I was writing again, which is refreshing, and I hope that "spark" will give me some momentum towards working on my own stuff again.

Someone also brought up the possibility of teaching out of my home, which is something I've been considering and praying about for awhile now. I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to that yet - especially on such short notice! - but I'm definitely one step closer. I'd like to spend some time this coming year to really refining my class and putting together a curriculum and syllabus that I could use if I did go that route.

I also sat down again to rewrite lesson plans for the kids - GROAN! We were going to have a four-day schoolweek (four days at home plus one day at co-op), so I had to rewrite the plans for a five-day schoolweek. And you know what? It works out SO MUCH better that way. :) So in that respect, it's all good!

With all change comes sadness. *shrug* I think that's kind of the way it is. There will always be some aspect of "the way it was" that you'll miss, no matter how exciting "the way it will be/is" is.

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