Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is one of those moments when you just shake your head and go, "Ok, then!" And then you realize that you have no life, because your second thought is that you're going to have the most awesome blog post EVER!

This morning Abby and I were driving over to meet the cousins and go swimming; we pulled up to the main road, and I look to my left to see if I could cross to the median, and, I kid you not, an AIRPLANE is barrelling down the highway towards us! I pulled over out of the way, and the plane went past us, down the sideroad, and plowed into the woods, where it crashed between two trees.

Everyone on the highway pulled over and came running, cell phones in hand. A couple of the guys pulled the plane out of the woods, and the pilot - an older man - got out and seemed ok, was walking around and everything. I had a hunch that traffic was about to get crazy, so I went ahead and crossed the road and parked so Abby and I could see the plane (she was pretty excited about it, lol). About five minutes later, an ambulance, fire truck, and fleet of police cars pulled up, and a few minutes after that, a police helicopter started circling.

We decided to move along at that point, in case traffic starting getting crazy and we got stuck. :)

You can see the local news report and photos here.

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