Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Go Read This

Once in a while, you find out that someone has already said what you always wanted to say, and said it better than you could have said it. This is one of those times. Tiffany of True Femininity has written a great expose of the Christian childrearing myth entitled "Child Rearing Is Soul Winning... Or Not." Everybody who has or intends to have kids - and even those of you who don't! - should rush over and read this. :)

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing! The subject of homeschooling has come up a lot lately (beginning of the school year I guess), and people are sometimes surprised to learn I'm homeschooled. They remark on what a "mature and well-rounded person" I am yet insist I am the exception. But from a lot of people I've met, I don't think I am! When done properly, homeschooling is an AMAZING thing, and I hope to do it right.
And I TOTALLY agree that people witness to everyone but their own children. I see it all the time and think how sad it is that people will invest in a bus ministry or a classroom so much more than they do in their own children's lives. Crazy world...