Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Play's The Thing!

It's that time of year again - the last obstacle between summer and fall, lol - crunch time for the church's summer musical drama!

I've enjoyed directing it this year, and that is good. :) Because I have to say, I didn't enjoy it much last year. I wanted to. I know that part of the reason I didn't enjoy it is because I was really struggling with some attitude issues on my part, but it also felt like I spent 90% of my time dealing with behavioral issues from teenagers who were old enough to know better, and only 10% of my time dealing with artistic issues. This year, smaller cast - only 12 cast members! - and I felt like I was able to give guidance to everyone. I also threw out the scripts early this year, forcing them to memorize earlier. At least, that was the idea. :) I still have a few scragglers in the memorization department, but I'm not stressed yet.

Today we had our first Saturday rehearsal, and we arrived to discover that our set had FINALLY been set up! Yahoo! I looks great!

I was also good about taking pictures this year!

My assistant director, Hannah, backstage with the actors waiting for the fun to start. Without Hannah, there would be no play! We complement each other very nicely - I'm a big picture person and she's very detail oriented and so she keeps me together. :) She does the work of several people each year - she is responsible for making sure everyone has a script, issuing replacements if they get lost or destroyed, making sure we have extras for readers, etc. She also keeps track of attendance and finds readers to fill in parts for absent actors. If she can't find a reader, she may end up reading a part - or several! - herself. She follows me around and takes notes on things we have to do, props we have to get, emails we need to send, etc. She helps keep all the kids under control. This year she helped me do the shopping. On performance day, she helps get everyone into costume and makeup, and helps manage backstage.

In fact, thinking of all she does... what do I do? :)

Most of the cast onstage. Hannah is reading for an absent actor, as is my dad (who is also the Music Director).

Craig, Chris, and George singing. :) For those of you familiar with Patch the Pirate's ministry, the musical we are going is "Kidnapped on I-Land."

More Craig, Chris, and George. Chris' character "Silas" is caught between Craig's character, "King Me-First," and his trusty sidekick "Paulie Parrot" (who represents Silas' better side).
More of my guys, this time with Me-First's fire-breathing dragon, Torch.

I was running around taking pictures today and then had to turn away for a moment, so I handed my camera to a backstage actor to hold. I turn around, he says "You know, we never get pictures of YOU!" and - snap. I have no idea what I was saying/thinking. :)

Hanging around backstage, waiting for cues.

We did the play for several years with either no backstage/wings to speak of (actors would simply walk off or onstage from the floor) or with really small/modified wings. Last year I begged for a backstage and proposed this design - two "wings" with a curtain in the middle. I loved it, it looked great, and the Christmas drama program loved it so much they stole it for their musical. :) This year we ditched the curtain and just went with the two wings. I love it - it's SO NICE having a place to change costume, relax, etc.

My sister Elizabeth is my pianist this year and has done an INCREDIBLE job! I'm still kind of in awe over how well she's doing!

My sister Maggie singing one of the songs.

Maggie turning pages for Lizzie and hanging out piano-side.
I'm excited about our play this year. I think it will be the last play I direct for awhile - I'd like to take a summer off - and I think it'll be a great play to go out on. :)

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Elizabeth said...

OH MY GOODNESS that was one of my favorite Patch the Pirate tapes as a kid! We had it MEMORIZED!