Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Apparently the urge to blog comes and goes in waves... a few weeks ago I was blogging multiple times per day, and now I'm trying to at least get in one post per week. I guess I always think, "Nothing is happening in my life, nobody wants to read THAT!" but when I think about it, the little day-to-day happenings are what I always enjoy reading on other people's blogs.

Today was a nice day... I was a little restless, not sure why, I entertained ideas about sneaking off to a town about 45 minutes away to visit the mall and the Border's Books (neither of which we have any closer, lol, my little town has grown in a lot of ways over the last few years but having a bookstore any bigger than our little postage-stamp sized one is apparently something we still aspire to). Then my dad went out to change the oil on my truck, and discovered a coolant leak, so that kind of put an end to any thoughts of traveling.

Once it was determined that my radiator was full of coolant, however, Maggie and I did run out to do a little shopping. We went to Target and got my mom a birthday gift and card, and I also found a card for a friend whose birthday is coming up; I also picked up some Lean Cuisine/Smart Ones meals for the week (I try to keep a few on hand so I can grab them if I'm uncreative and it's mealtime; I also grab them and take them to work with me so I can keep control) and some diet hot chocolate mix. I had called my dad last night while he was out in town and asked him to find me some hot cocoa mix that was sugar free or diet, and he brought me a tin of no sugar added Swiss Miss because he saw a Weight Watchers logo on it. I keep trying to explain to everybody that Weight Watchers is 1) not about cutting out whole groups of food, eating foods only in weird combinations or amounts, etc, and 2) not about eating only "Weight Watchers" foods, but I don't think my family has quite grasped this yet. Yesterday I was eating a snack of carrot chips and light ranch at the kitchen table, and my mom asked, "You can eat carrots on WW?" I said yes, and she was surprised because they're so "high glycemic index."

Anyway, I noticed that the diet cocoa also has a WW logo on it, just not as conspicuously, which surprises me because the no sugar added kind is one WW point per serving, whereas the "diet" is zero points per serving. Hm. Both are sweetened with sucralose, which makes me very sad, as I hatehatehate the taste of Splenda.

Then we walked next door to Giant where I found that my fav Laughing Cow Babybels were on sale so I stocked up. :) I swear I could not do WW without my Babybels. The lights are only 1 point apiece and I grab a few every morning when I walk out the door and throw them in my purse. I eat them smushed between pretzels, spread on bread (deli thins, usually), with fruit slices, by themselves, grated over anything that really needs a little cheese, etc. They had the cheddar kind today, too, which is 2 points per piece but so worth it.

Tonight we celebrated my mom's birthday even though the official date isn't until Monday. I was so happy to find out that shish kebabs were on the menu! They were incredible and very low-point, so I got to have a side of mashed sweet potato and rice, too. :) It was nice to be able to sit down and eat exactly what everyone else was eating for a change, with no substitutions or alterations. I have some Flex points left over, and I was thinking all day that I was going to spend them on a piece of birthday cake, but I stole a bite from my sister and ended up not liking it at all, so I sat with everyone while they ate cake and then snuck away and had a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. I still have about 17 flex points left because I came in under point today. :) Actually, I did really well all week, even with the fair and being kind of bummed in the middle of the week.

We stopped at the Red Box on the way out and I picked up two movies, Date Night and Me & Orson Welles, because I knew I'd want a low-key activity for tonight after being on the go all week. I've only made it halfway through Date Night but I already love it, which is funny in itself since I don't particularly like either Steve Carrell or Tina Fey.

I spent this morning getting my space back in shape... I kind of let everything slide mid-week so I had clean laundry waiting to get put away, dirty laundry in piles (since my clothes hamper was holding clean laundry), paperwork, random assorted stuff, etc. I never think of myself as someone who is particularly bothered by a little mess - I'm naturally a sort of clutter-y person, lol - but it sure felt good to get everything together. Especially since I spent some time this week switching out some of my spring/summer clothes for my fall/winter stash. I figured my closet would be in chaos until it was really and truly cold, but I guess everything just wanted organizing, because it's actually less crazy now.

I'm still on the hunt for a new big bag - I went back to Marshalls after writing my post about it and didn't like either of the bags after seeing them again. I also need a couple of long-sleeved shirts and a new hoodie, but I'm going to hold out on doing any more wardrobe-updating until it gets really and truly cold. Maggie and I stopped in at Catos this week and they have tons of good stuff - beautiful classy skirts, nice sweaters, stuff with a lot of style, so I can't wait for a good shopping trip, even if it's not going to be soon. :)


Robinrbn20 said...

i laughed when you described your room.. mine is exactly the same today. Mom cleaned it for me earlier this week so i could get homework done and i've let it slide.
I can't wait till coller weather here either. i want to go shopping... we should go together!

Taleia said...

Totally! I am so holding you to that when I come down. :)