Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Still Here

I'm so loving life right now... it's nice and cool in the mornings, it gets warmer throughout the day - but not too hot! - and then cools off nicely at night. I'm enjoying it immensely. Also, my hair and skin is manageable again - yay! :) I desperately need a haircut, but when I killed my phone I lost Tonya's number, so I have to go track her down at work to get it back. :)

My poor feet have been taking a lot of abuse - they definitely are ready for sandal season to be over! I tried to do a mini DIY pedi last night - after I took my shower I ran some hot water and let my feet soak, then did a quick run with a pumice stone, and slathered on some cocoa butter. The only result is that today the sore spots on my feet are a bit more tender, so... bleh. I think a real pedicure is imminent in my future. :)

My family and I went out of town this weekend to my grandfather's house in Virginia with my mom's side of the family, and we had a great time! I even rode on the jet ski - we've had the jet ski for years, but I've always been too scared to get on it. This weekend I even drove it! It was also a blast getting to see Abby over the weekend, and hanging out with the family. Even though we all live in the same county, it seems like we never get to see each other as much as I'd like. :)

The one tough aspect of the weekend was the food... There was so much good food, and I was trying to stay on plan so bad! I was staying over at the adjacent apartment, and there were donuts, cheese danish, etc... like, all of my fav foods! But I did really well all weekend - I only went over my daily points once, and only by 1.5 points, and I didn't touch a bite of the "bad" foods.

I brought a basket of 1- and 2-point snacks with me, and a cooler with some Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones meals, Laughing Cow cheese, and a WW sundae that I never ended up eating. I bought some liquid eggs on a grocery run and ate those each morning with a cheese wedge, and either ate on my own for dinner or modified whatever the family was eating (steak and cheese with laughing cow cheese and no roll, for instance, or a fat-free hot dog).

I came home on Sunday and jumped on the scale for my weigh-in and... I'm down 4.8 pounds! So obviously I'm thrilled. :) I had actually lost just slightly more - I jumped on mid-week to check - but I'm pretty sure that was because the first few days were really low-carb (I didn't mean for it to turn out that way, I was just surrounded by a lot of fresh fruit and veggies!).

Right now my exercise regimen is really only walking laps on my driveway in the evening... I'd like to join a class soon, but while I'm getting in the hang/groove of the new eating habits I'm trying not to let myself get too hungry or tired, because my self-discipline goes to the dogs then.

I swear I'm not going to let this become a weight loss blog, but this blog is about what's going on in my life, and this is what's going on in my life right now! :)

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