Friday, September 10, 2010


This morning, four of my siblings and my father left to spend the weekend canoeing/camping on the Shenandoah River. My mom, my sister Ruth (10), and I, are home for the weekend - my mom and Ruth because Ruth can't handle the air quality, and me because I don't feel good about going. While I feel good about this decision, I'm also really disappointed. The Shenandoah is "my" river and I haven't seen it for almost two years now. But I am currently without health insurance, and this last week, as the trip approached, I just kept thinking, "What it I slip on a rock and gash open my leg/arm/etc" (this happened on my last trip to someone in our canoeing party - we ended up taking him to the emergency room) "or what if I fell and hit my head, or broke something?" (I was just reading about a fellow blogger who slid on slippery rocks while camping by a river and broke her tailbone). I try not to make decisions based on fear, but this was such a strong feeling, and I'm an intuitive person, and I kept thinking that if I did go and something happened, I'd feel like a complete idiot.

I also seriously contemplated driving to the beach this weekend instead, since that seems less dangerous, but I have nobody to go with, and the rates don't fall until next weekend, so I decided to save my money and take Maggie later on instead.

So I'm putting a positive spin on this weekend by declaring it a staycation instead! It started this morning with getting to sleep in - well, sort of! I was woken up a little earlier than I wanted by someone pounding on the piano, but I still got enough sleep - a miracle, since I was up way too late stargazing on my roof. I love fall - the stars seem to be closer and brighter when it's a little bit chilly. :) I saw three shooting stars in about thirty minutes. As soon as we get our printer working again, I want to print out some sky maps and learn to identify more constellations.

After seeing everyone off, Ruth and I jumped in Anna's truck - my truck is waiting for a part to come in, which came in about an hour after dad left, go figure - and ran errands. We stopped in at Panera Bread for lunch, took my check to the bank, did a little shopping at Target, and bought some groceries for the next few days. I also picked up a book to read and some movies at Redbox, since the book I ordered last week hasn't come in yet (and also because I started this book at Abby's house and want to finish it, lol). I intend to spend my days being active and my evenings in total relax mode. :)

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